Our Pastor

Meet our pastor, Dr Mike Porter.  Mike came to us from our neighbor to the north, Canada.  He is now a fully legal, documented citizen of America, but maintains his Canadian citizenship, "just in case."  

Mike holds a doctorate from Trinity College but values what he learns from the Holy Spirit more than his degrees.  His sermons are expositional in style and always relevant. Mike believes in the supremacy of Scripture, so rarely will you hear his opinions from behind the pulpit.  It's not that he isn't opinionated (he is), but as he says, "Opinions are like feet.  Everybody has them, but some stink more than others."  And as profound as Mike's opinions may be, no opinion has ever changed a life.  Only Scripture can do that.

With three dogs and one wife he loves dearly (his wife more than his dogs, though), Mike is beginning his fourteenth year at Norton Church.  

You can reach Mike any time of the day or night via the wonder of e-mail:  mike@witzend.info